Picture of Hristo Dzhendov


My name is Hristo Dzhendov. I was born and raised in Varna, Bulgaria since 1985. I’m a man with a lot of interests and hobbies. My education is in the field of Mechanical Engineering, but my big passions were always the arts and technology. The summer of 2007 I had the great opportunity of traveling to Alaska, USA. In an attempt to capture Its vast and incredible nature, I became interested in photography. Since then, I experimented in all possible genres, however, I found portrait photography most suitable for me. This is the reason there are mostly portraits on the site and in the blog. Trying to keep photography the top priority of all my hobbies, I rarely do commercial projects. As I said earlier, the computer technologies are my other passion. In the last few years I've been concentrating my skills and knowledge in developing for the web. In 2013 the Telerik Academy gave me a strong push up in this direction.


This site is built entirely by myself, from the pictures, through to the design, and the code. It combines and describes the best of my photographic and web development abilities at this point. The site is made using HTML5 and CSS3; and was made to have the look/feel of a modern web site. It’s been made with attention to the pictures in it and this is the reason there is not much text. In the beginning the site will be fully photo centric; But in a matter of time, it will host both my photographic and web projects.